Your donation helps Project Mercy educate, heal, feed, train and build in the remote parts of Ethiopia. Your gift changes lives, daily!

Project Mercy is the most complete development project in the World for an organization of our size.

We attack poverty from all angles. For we cannot just educate children if the only outcome is to make them discontented with limited job opportunities. We cannot just treat symptoms of malnutrition in the clinic if we don’t improve food security and agriculture production. We cannot just teach good hygiene practices if people still need to bathe and drink from the same contaminated water supply.

Every day, we work to renew a heart of a nation and change lives. Our goal is to root out systematic poverty within Ethiopia by providing healthcare, education, food security, adult skills and infrastructure.

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Come teach to the heart of the next generation of Ethiopia.

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Heal the bodies and hearts of men, women and children who desperately need your services.

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Are you a Veterinarian, Gardener, Farmer or Researcher? You are needed!

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Renew the heart of those in Ethiopia by being God’s hands and feet.

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